Youth Services - Syracuse

Youth in the Syracuse City School District's alternative schools and New York State's juvenile justice system are overwhelmingly from poor minority families, living in impoverished communities and are educationally disadvantaged. CCA offers comprehensive support services to these young people, including opportunities to learn, to develop and express their creativity (After School Alternatives), to set academic and personal goals (Transitional Planning), to build relationships with caring adults, to gain work experience (Work Experience) and to develop their leadership capacity (Peer Leadership).

These opportunities grow from a foundation of unconditional care and a commitment to strength-based youth development. CCA works towards building safer and stronger communities by investing in youth, bringing people together, and supporting community service.

CCA's Youth Services have been shown to be effective in reducing school suspensions, delinquency and recidivism. Young people who have participated in CCA's program have better attendance and grades as compared to similar youth who have not participated in CCA programs. Preliminary findings from a study of CCA youth programs show that youth who complete, are less likely to engage in violent behavior. Whereas 75% of similar students who do not attend CCA's program are resuspended to alternative schools, only 38% of CCA participants are resuspended. CCA's Executive Director was invited to testify about the program's success to the U.S. Senate's Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee (link to testimony).

For more information or to make a referral contact:
Center for Community Alternatives
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