The Center for Community Alternatives (CCA) has developed exemplary and groundbreaking programs for court-involved adults, young people and "at-risk" youth. While these program serve diverse populations, they share:

  • A philosophy of unconditional care and commitment to clients served;
  • A methodology which works with clients directly in their homes and communities; and
  • The goal of demonstrating the connection between alternatives to incarceration and public safety.

With offices in New York City and Syracuse, New York, CCA is uniquely situated to demonstrate models that can work in distinct communities. CCA's unique breadth of services helps us to connect prisoners returning to New York City from upstate prisons. From Syracuse, we introduce CCA to those "inside" and when they get out, CCA in New York City is waiting for them on the "outside."

The starting point for most of CCA's work is individualized, advocacy-oriented plans (Client Specific Planning) that address the needs of the clients we serve — whether these concern recovery from addiction (Treatment and Recovery), preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS, family reunification, completing educational goals and gaining and sustaining work (Employment & Community Connections). All of CCA's work is intended to build healthy individuals, healthy communities and prevent the destructive cycle of crime and incarceration.