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 Employment Readiness

CCA offers employment readiness to participants enrolled in the REAL and PSI programs. Program participants complete a work-readiness course that gives them the tools to succeed in a job. They learn about employer expectations and develop job retention skills. Supportive services are available to the employer and employee, including continued employment counseling, help with problem solving and team support.

The REAL Program (Reintegration and Empowering A Life)

This program is designed to assist individuals who have a criminal history and a history of or current challenges with substance abuse. The program provides participants an array of services including recovery and relapse prevention services, employment readiness services, educational planning and placement, case management and assistance with the collateral consequences of a criminal record through CCA's Reentry clinic. Employment Services include employment assessment, job readiness preparation, including the opportunity to test for and receive a National Work Readiness Credential, and job placement.

Parent Success Initiative

Employment assistance is also provided to non-custodial parents through the Parent Success Initiative. CCA's Employment Specialist assists participants in resume development, interviewing skills, arranging for needed education and training, finding and maintaining employment, and pursuing employment advancement. Participants can also receive direct legal assistance through the Parent Success Initiative in order to assist in employment, career advancement and increased child support.