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 Crossroads for Men

The Crossroads for Men program at CCA's Brooklyn, NY office assists men transitioning into the community after incarceration. The program provides assistance for substance use disorders and HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C education and testing. It reflects CCA's pioneering, longstanding commitment to gender-specific treatment services.

Crossroads for Men substance use disorder treatment services include individual and group counseling, drug and alcohol education, anger management groups, relapse prevention groups, and acupuncture.

HIV services include individual and group risk-reduction counseling and referrals to related services. Hepatitis C rapid testing is also offered.

Specialized male-only groups address domestic violence (from the perpetrator's view) and anger management. Family services and life skills counseling and support are provided if the participant wishes.

Person-centered treatment plans are tailored to each individual participant. We provide comprehensive assessment and discharge planning and referrals and follow-up for entitlements, housing, child welfare and mental health services. Crossroads for Men can serve as an alternative-to-incarceration for eligible participants.

Program Eligibility: Participants must be male, at least 18 years of age, have a case in the criminal justice system or be on parole or probation, and have a history of substance use disorder.

Program Site: Brooklyn

Contact: 718-858-9658