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 Choices for Young People

CCA's HIV/AIDS prevention education programs are designed to educate high risk youth about HIV and reduce risky behavior. CHOICES for Young People services include individual and group prevention / education, peer educator training, support groups and peer-led education, court and community advocacy and social service referrals. Support, information, and referrals are also available to parents, guardians and siblings.

Peer educator training is one of the core services. CCA recruits and trains youth to be peer educators who then play a major role in delivering education to other youth. The program approaches HIV/AIDS education and prevention from an optimistic perspective that incorporates life skills and self-esteem building approaches, communication and refusal skills, decision making, goal setting and alternatives to violence. CCA has developed a special component for young women based on research and agency experience that points to the distinct challenges they face in their development and ability to make healthy choices.
Youth who are trained as peer educators deliver prevention education to diverse and wide ranging audiences from juveniles held in detention facilities and other community settings to community health fairs, schools and other events. The peer educators provide valued community services and they grow as leaders through this experience.

These programs are offered in New York City as a part of CCA's juvenile alternatives to detention programs. (Click here to read CCA's recent research study on its Young Women's CHOICES program in NYC )