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The Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Personal Responsibility Education Program (CAPP-PREP) is an initiative funded by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to support community-based efforts to reduce the risk of pregnancies, STDs, and HIV among:

  • male and female youth ages 13-19
  • pregnant young women and mothers under the age of 21

CAPP-PREP uses the dual strategy of reducing risks and strengthening protective factors that are necessary for optimal transition through adolescence into a healthy, productive, connected adulthood.  Comprehensive, age-appropriate, evidence-based, and medically accurate sexuality education are key strategies to promote such healthy sexual behaviors as abstinence, delaying the onset of sexual activity, and reducing the practice of risky sexual behaviors.

The program uses the evidence-based intervention "Be Proud! Be Responsible!," which is identified by the CDC as a "Program That Works," and is also aligned with the NYS Learning Standards.  The curriculum addresses the knowledge, motivation and skills necessary to change adolescent behaviors in ways that will reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. Module activities, videos, role plays and demonstrations are enjoyable, interactive and have been proven to increase participation and enhance learning.

CAPP-PREP also expands educational, social, recreational, vocational, and economic opportunities for youth, encourages alternatives to sexual activity, and develops skills that can support a successful transition into healthy young adulthood. Youth who have meaningful alternatives positive outlooks for the future are more likely to maintain good sexual health. Workshops and activities address the topics of adolescent development, parent-child communication, healthy relationships, educational and career success, healthy life skills, and financial literacy.


Eligibility: All participants in CCA's youth programs may join.

Site: Brooklyn

Contact: 718-858-9658