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Katherine Leptokaropoulos

Katherine Leptokaropoulos

A 1994 graduate of C.U.N.Y. Law School at Queens College, Katherine Leptokaropoulos has over 20 years of experience working with alternative to incarceration (ATI) and re-entry programs. Ms. Leptokaropoulos worked for The Fortune Society for 15 years providing HIV-related services at upstate NY correctional facilities, as the Director of Outreach and Transitional Services and as Senior Director of Scattered Site Housing. Ms. Leptokaropoulos has been with CCA since 2011 first as Court Services Manager and now as the Director of Client Specific Planning, Compliance and Reporting, overseeing CCA's Alternative to Detention and Incarceration (ATD/ATI) programs for youth ages 11 to 18. In addition, Ms. Leptokaropoulos serves as the primary mitigation specialist in CCA's Brooklyn office.


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