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 Sentencing Analysis

The laws on sentencing have become increasing complex. In New York we now have indeterminate sentences, determinate sentences, and definite sentences. People in prison are released on conditional release, parole, post-release supervision, merit parole, and presumptive release. When sentences are either concurrent or consecutive, and involve different types of sentences, the calculation of the time to be served can be confusing at best. Yet it is the responsibility of each defense attorney to explain to his or her client all of the ramification of the proposed sentence or consequences of the sentencing parameters. Now, for the first time, CCA provides a new service to defense attorneys. Simply by providing the basic sentencing assumptions, CCA will provide you with a Sentence Analysis that will make it easier for you to understand and explain to your client what the maximum or aggregate maximum term of the sentence will be, the parole eligibility, conditional release date, and effects of any post-release supervision.