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CLE Programs for Attorneys

  • Judicial Diversion under CPL §216
  • Conditional Sealing under CPL §160.58
  • The Nuts and bolts of Sentencing Advocacy
  • Preparing for Sentencing - 30 Things to Do
  • Make Use of the Defendant’s Presentence Memorandum
  • Mitigation 101
  • An Overview of Sentencing in New York
  • Meeting the Challenge of the Probation Report
  • Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction
  • Defending Sex Offense Cases in the Age of SOMTA and SORA
  • Preparing and Litigating a SORA Hearing
  • Understanding the Interplay Between Sentencing and DOCS Programs: Enhancing Your Client’s Chances for the Earliest Release Date
  • Make Effective Use of New York’s New Sentencing Model

Trainings for Community Organizations and Agencies

  • Criminal Justice Basics
  • Advocacy Basics
  • Cultural and Criminal Justice Competency
  • Unchaining Civil Rights
  • Race and the Criminal Justice System
  • Criminal Justice Issues for Substance Abuse Counselors and Youth Workers
  • Community Participation in Community Justice Initiatives
  • Working with a Criminal Record: What Every Employment Counselor Should Know
  • Mentor Training
  • Women in the Criminal Justice System: Lessons Learned