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 Mission & Purpose

The mission of Justice Strategies is to promote rational, effective, and humane policies for crime and justice based upon principles of fairness and equality.

Through research, training, education, and technical assistance Justice Strategies seeks to advance knowledge of the criminal and juvenile justice systems and to improve the quality and responsiveness of the justice system and its services.

Justice Strategies:

  • Conducts empirical research to strengthen our understanding of criminal and juvenile justice issues and to enhance the quality of decision making and public dialogue concerning justice policies;
  • Increases public awareness of criminal and juvenile justice policies and practices, and works to create opportunities for traditionally underrepresented communities to have a stronger voice in the policy dialogue;
  • Advocates constructive responses to criminal behavior that reduce reliance on incarceration and promote rehabilitation and reintegration into the community;
  • Supports the development of initiatives that build safer, stronger communities, help families and individuals thrive and live more productive, hope-filled lives.